lørdag 30. mai 2009

free at last.

no more exams. going home for the summer. working. taking late night walks in the garden, up the nearest mountain or wherever else I want. breathing fresh country air. not having to worry. and my favorite part: time. plenty of time.

i'll be going home next week to work at home at my mom and dad's farm for the summer, and I intend on packing some scrapbooking supplies. i can't wait to get started again after a waaay too long drought.

fredag 29. mai 2009

"I find it so much easier to be creatively free at night. Daytime is for sleeping. Nighttime is the best time for making art. The later at night it gets the further into another world you go." - Mark Ryden

mandag 18. mai 2009

Følg min blogg med bloglovin

jeg elsker photoshop. det er så enkelt, og gir likevel så bra resultat.